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  - Mille Miglia 1930 -
Nuvolari e Guidotti, winners with 1750 GS 6CIL
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  - Mille Miglia 1930 -
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  - Mille Miglia 1930 -
Mille Miglia 1930
Tazio Nuvolari and Giovan Battista Guidotti
The story of the switched-off headlamps told by Guidotti

1930: that time at the Mille Miglia Guidotti was together with the great Nuvolari, on the 1750 with compressor; and they arrived first after an exciting sprint which followed a legendary struggle with Varzi, at the average speed, never seen before, of over 100 kilometres per hour.

In the world of motors they still talk about that race for the episode of the switched-off headlamps: let's hear it from Guidotti.

"We had started from behind - says the driver- and Nuvolari was going like hell. Between Bologna and Florence I felt I was on an airplane and thought that we had certainly acquired a good lead. But, at the Florence check they told us we were only level with Varzi, and Campari was one and a half minute behind. When in Ancona we heard that Varzi's time and ours were still the same, we almost went crazy; In Bologna we found out that Varzi had lost ground and we had a four minute lead."

"Nuvolari - continues Guidotti - was exhausted. He gave me the driver's seat: now it was a matter of continuing sensibly, without compromising a win that seemed now certain. In Vicenza they informed us that Varzi had caught up only one minute and ten seconds out of the four minutes he had lost. Nuvolari went back behind the wheel and ran wild: the lead increased to four minutes again - it was already night in Primolano when we saw in front of us the headlamps of another competitor. Initially we thought it was some amateur taking part in the race, then we realized who it was and the final duel began.

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“Even if the outcome of the race was already certain, it became a matter of honour for us to overtake Varzi and for him not to be overtaken. In Verona he distanced us a bit, then we were back on him, but we could not manage to pass. Then I had the crazy idea and I told Nuvolari “Shall we turn the headlamps off?” . we were doing one hundred and fifty, it was dark, we were in the middle of the countryside, you had to be quite brave to dare, but Nuvolari nodded and I turned the switch off. Varzi thought we had slowed down, that we were lagging behind, and he slowed down as well: in that very moment he heard the wind from our car overtaking him; he understood and, as a perfect gentleman, he moved on the right side of the road to let us pass.”

This is the story of the switched-off headlamps and it took three years before Varzi forgave Guidotti for that terrible joke, but then they became friends because Guidotti, faithful companion of Nuvolari in many races, was the greatest admirer of the driver from Galliate.  
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