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Alfa Romeo
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- Mussolini's letter - - Rough copy by Romeo -
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- Romeo's answer to the Dux - - Enveloppe -
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- The Dux and eng Romeo, 1924 -

- Duke Of Aosta and
eng Romeo -

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- Eng Romeo favourite relax -  
Grandfather Romeo
by Daniela Maestri Romeo
Letter to Nicola Romeo: 30 lines of hearth and historical memory

Dear Grandfather Nicola,
I have been offered the opportunity to publish this short letter that I have wanted to write for a long time. Actually, retracing your personal life and your numerous entrepreneurial activities in a few lines (and out of the traditional biographical scheme) is not easy, both because I did not have the fortune of meeting you and because putting together the material tracing your profile has been long and difficult. Through my research I have observed, besides the great passion, determination, fantasy, tenacity in leading your Industrial Plants, a far-seeing European aspiration and pure pleasure in mathematical and humanistic sciences.
With patience I have studied your personal writings, discovering -behind the entrepreneur- there was a lot more, coming ideally in contact with the fascinating facets of an outstanding personality.
Over time I have noticed that when you are spoken about, which luckily still happens, the energy springing from your ever-mobile mind sometimes tends to be dispersed in the mist of history, memory, in the false myth of a weak character. It was therefore with great pleasure that I discovered your firm elegance in crucial moments of your life, the quiet decision in supporting the validity of your ideas. The proof is your formally impeccable letter, sent in reply to Benito Mussolini; in which your position on specific technical and conceptual questions demonstrates personality and sense of diplomacy but also great pride and regret for observations considered undeserved and maybe even not very logical.

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- Family picture - 1924 - Milan, via Buonarroti (Nowdays Columbus Hospital) -
The letter of the Duce dated 9/6/1926 has become over the decades a “classic”, a symbol of authority to which many thought that, through shyness or subjection , a direct reply was never given.
It appears to me that this is the right moment to put an end to the old misunderstanding and therefore we are publishing on this website both the original of Mussolini’s letter and your reply which has been inaccessible to most people for many years.
I must also tell you, dear Grandfather, that the truly passionate Alfisti remember you constantly in their rallies, celebrating with delight the victories of your Alfas, in Italy and abroad.
Personally I will continue my research to add new items of news to your and Alfa Romeo’s fascinating story.

With affection and gratitude
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