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We thanks Alfa Romeo Archive for the pictures

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  1OOO Miglia, April 9, 1932, Campari and Sozzi
in race on Alfa Romeo 8C 2300
(Photo by Zagari)
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  Monaco Grand Prix, April 17, 1932,
Nuvolari in race on Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 M, 1st.
(photo by Zagari)
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  Photo Copy right by Alfa Romeo Historical Archive
The Legendary 8C 2300
Chassis: 2111041
Engine: 2111041 originally: now 2111010
Body style: Monza

" The Legendary 2.3" Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 with " The Immortal 2.9" are two books written by Simon Moore, edited and designed by Malcolm S. Harris ( that every Alfanatics could have in his library.

We took this excerpt from The Legendary 2.3 and we thank the editor and the author to give us the permission.

This Monza was registered for the road ( MI 33368) by Alfa Romeo on 11 May 1932, the same day as 2111042.
It would appear that this car was one of the original factory Monzas, but by 1933 it had a radiator shell with mounting points (see section on the 1932 Season). Bearing in mind that this was the only car still registered to Alfa in September 1932, I believe that 2111041 was the car which Caracciola drove to victory at Mount Ventoux on the 4th of that month. Photos show an MI plate but the number is illegible.

2111041 was sold immediately thereafter to Norwegian Bugatti driver , Eugen Bjornstad . [.....]
Bjornstad returned from racing his ERA (R1A) at Torino to find that his garage business was in big financial trouble, so he decided to seek substantial prize money by taking 2111041 to New York for the 1937 Vanderbilt Cup! [......]
If the idea of going over to the Usa was to sell the car, he was apparently unsuccessful, as the car returned to Norway, where it was sold to Tore Berg of Sweden, who registered it T9161. [.....]

Pelle Holm worked for Ernest Nilsson (now a Volvo dealer in Stockholm) and Knew where the car was, but could not afford it. He told Lars Lund about it and he went off immediately to Varmland and bought it . He registered the car S20997 and kept it for several years in Stockholm. In 1960, Karl -Erik Frojd of Landskrona, Sweden, who then owned the Widengren Monza ( 2211077), heard thet Mr. Lund was planning to convert the car into an ice-racing special. He called his friend Svend Hauberg, who owns the Park Hotel in Copenhangen , and told him about Mr Lund's plans for 2111041.Mr Hauberg immediately decided to try and buy the car.
Just before this book went to press, I receivedthe details of the acquisition from Mr Hauberg, who still owns the car: " I immediately travelled the 600 km to Stockholm to try and buy the car. I went twice to Lund's address. At our first meeting he was not willing to part with it , but on the next day , I finally succeeded in buying the car.
This historic Monza was now safe with me in Danmark, protected from any further efforts to destroy it ! (ndr: the engine was lost).
It was stored in my garage for many years, since I had several other old car projects (Bugattis)which had to be finished first and wanted to do the restoration my self.

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Monaco Gran Prix, April 17, 1932,
Caracciola in race on Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 M, 2nd
behind Nuvolari.

"The restoration has proceeded nicely and I have had a new Two-seater body made to correct specification. Naturally, I kept the old Bjornstad single - seater body, together with the twin rear wheels, in case any further owner should want to have them.
I even have the original antique wooden case which always accompanied the car to race around Europe, in which Bjornstad kept various differential gear wheels and other spares. Could it have also been used by Caracciola? "
Mr Hauberg also told the story of how he finally acquired the engine for the car :"After the war, I often travelled in the South of Europe and, when passing through Milano, I always took he opportunity to visit A.F.R.A. , the Alfa Romeo parts dealer , where I could still find spare parts for my 6C 1750 Gran Sport , such as valves, springs, bearings, gears, etc. I nearly cleared their shelves, since spares for the old Alfas were becoming almost impossible to find. The Alfa factory had been bombed during the War, and Alfa was now concentrating on its new models.
"The senior director of A.F.R.A. , Signor Giorgetti , became a good friend. On one occasion , on about 1960 , he said:" Mr Hauberg, come with me out in the courtyard - I have something which might interest you . we went outside and under a shed I saw an 8C 2300 motor in all its glory . I knew at once that I would not be able to have a night 's sleep until I became the owner of this beautiful piece of machinery ! When Signor Giorgetti noticed how excited I was, he probably doubled the price. In any case, we made a deal , I paid him, and he had it shipped to Danmark, where it was waiting for me when I arrived home.
"the motor was complete except for the cylinder heads, which Mr Giorgetti told me had been sold to racing driver Phil Hill .I met Phil Hill many years later the 1990 Mille Miglia. He confirmed that he had owned an 8C Alfa , but did not remembered having bought the cylinder head from A.F.R.A.
"Signor Giorgetti told me that he had bought the motor from the factory . then still on Via Traiano in Milano , and that it had come from Campari's car [ This was true -see chapter on 2111010 ] Naturally , I asked if I could buy the rest of the car , but he did not Know whether it even still existed.
" Now I had the problem of finding a pair of cylinder heads. This seemed to be an absolutely impossible task , so I finally resolved to make some myself. I obtained drawings from Signor Fusi . the famous Alfa Romeo Archivist , and after years of hard work I finally had a batch of heads made. Besides a set for my self, I was able to help other enthusiast who needed them- nearly every owner did !
I even had the honour of selling two pair of heads to Alfa Romeo , who needed heads for the cars in their Museum at Arese.
" My motor, which is now in first class condition , is finally installed in the chassis of 2111041."
I have been to Copenhagen a number of times on business but , on every occasion , it has been impossible to meet Mr Hauberg or to see 2111041. I really must correct that !

I hope that 2111041reappers in the near future!

Simon Moore

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