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Photographic catalogue of 100x100 Alfa Romeo exhibition during june 2010 celebration of Alfa Romeo Centennial.
A photographic collection of all cars , models, boats and airplanes showed during the fair, described and commented by the author Gian Filippo Salvetti
Pages 182- rigid cover
Price:40,00 euro+shipment costs
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3 Volums ALFA ROMEO 6C 2500
3 volumes about Alfa Romeo 6c 2500

Authors:Stefano Salvetti-Fabio Morlacchi
Price:280,00 euro
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50 years of success , Giulia history and pictures about a car that is a masterpiece of design and technological details.
Size : 24.3x27 Pages:128
Pictures:114 black&white+ 228 colours
Price:25,00 euro
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ALfa Romeo 75 book, the last transaxel in great series.
History and secrets about the Alfa 75. Keeping , maintainig , restore and preserve the car if you decide to buy one!

Author:Lorenzo Ardizio
ISBN: 978-88-7911-540-7
Price: € 25,00
Size: 24.3x27 cm - Pages: 128
Pictures: black&white and Colours - Language: italian
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At the end of the '60s, Alfa Romeo began to write a new chapter in its history by entering the market with a medium-low class car that was true to the company’s sporting vocation and with a form of technology only experimented with in timid fashion until then. The little Alfa’s front-wheel drive and a transverse mounted boxer engine, signalled a real turnaround that even involved a selected production centre: Pomigliano d’Arco, near Naples. The Alfasud was a car that not only left a deep impression on the technological and industrial history of the automotive Italy, but also had major repercussions on the social, occupational and political life of the country between the early ’70s and the end of the ’80s, which included an highly active sporting life rich with success.
Size: 24.3x27 cms - Pages: 128 - Photos: 90 in b/w and 143 in colour - Softbound with flaps - Text: Italian

Price:30,00 euro+shipment cost
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The story of Alfa Romeo, the prestigious Italian marque which has created some of the most memorable cars of all time during its 100 year-plus history, is told by specification after specification in a ‘virtual gallery’ of many of the models produced by the company, both road-goers and racers. The 1750 GS of the 1930s, the 8C 2900 B, the Giulietta, the Giulia, the 33s, the Alfettas right up to the most modern 8C Competizione are just some of the cars that find a place in this long catalogue in which the illustrations of Michele Leonello, the authoritative car designer, come together with the words of Lorenzo Ardizio, the expert on the history of Alfa Romeo

SIZE: 16x21 - Pages: 594 - Picture: B/w and colours - hard cover - Text:English
price:26,00 euro
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ALFA ROMEO from 1910 to 2010
Exactly 100 years ago in 1910 at Portello on the outskirts of Milan, a new company was established in the still young world of motoring of the period: Alfa Romeo. A name which, in those 100 years, has become synonymous with cars, so important has its presence been both on the industrial and sports fronts as well as culturally. In this long period of time, the celebrated Italian marque brought to life cars that have entered by right into the history of the automobile and not only that of Italy, like the 1900, the Giulietta and the Giulia. Yet at the same time the company was able to write its own unrepeatable pages in the annals of motor sport, winning all the most important races: from the Mille Miglia to Le Mans, from the Tourist Trophy to the World Sports Car Championship. An epic about which just almost everything has been written; but this volume by a great authority on the subject in Maurizio Tabucchi aims to be a tribute to this tremendous story, told above all by pictures, many of them previously unpublished, and supported by brief texts, which are at the same time rigorous and exhaustive.

Price: € 48,00 + shipment
Size: 24.3x27 cm - Pages: 280 - Photos: in b/w and colour - Hardbound with jacket - Text: English
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ALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA (Golden Anniversary)
by Angelo Tito Anselmi

English edition
Pages: 192
Pictures: 333 colours and B/W

One of the most prestigious Italian cars, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, is 50 years old. The first in the series appeared at a special preview in Valentino Park, Turin, during the spring of 1954, before being officially unveiled at the city’s motor show that same year. Angelo Tito Anselmi, one of the sectors authoritative historians, devoted a book to the car that contained a wealth of photographs, designs and manufacturer’s official documents, a work that was completed with a list of all the Giulietta’s victories between 1955 and 1965, as well as the chassis numbers of each series. This book comprises fundamental reference material, which is indispensable to all Alfa enthusiasts, and now becomes available - on the occasion of its 50th Anniversary - in the English language edition.
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Born mid-way through the Sixties, the Alfa Romeo Giulia GT successfully inherited the legacy of the Giulietta Sprint. Until its presentation, the company’s top management at Arese, near Milan, also considered a version suited to racing, which could bring back glorious days gone by. The car became the GTA – the “A” for "alleggerita" or lightened – a car that immediately transformed itself into the one to beat, able to dictate the law on all the circuits of the world and win everything there was to win until the mid-Seventies.That fascinating and unrepeatable story is told by Maurizio Tabucchi, one of the leading Alfa Romeo authorities who, through a precise and thoroughly accurate text, reconstructs the technical and sporting history of this unforgettable Alfa Romeo. The book is illustrated by invaluable and often previously unpublished archive pictures.

Price: € 48,00 +SHIPMENT
Size: cm. 24.3x27 - Pages: 240 - Photos: 195 in b/w and 155 in colour - Hardbound with jacket - Text: Italian
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Revised and updated to 2007, “Alfa Romeo: the Production Cars” was first published in 1996 in a limited print run, written by the authoritative experts on the Portello manufacturer, Stefano d’Amico (President of RIAR, Alfa Romeo Italian Register) and Maurizio Tabucchi (consultant at both RIAR and ASI, Italian Vintage Automobile Association).This fascinating story of Alfa Romeo’s cars is told model by model by a text that results from precise reconstruction of the facts, enriched with detailed technical specifications (chassis numbering included) and rare archive illustrative material. All of Alfa’s recent production can also be found in the book, starting with the 155, the last car in the previous edition, the following 156, 145, 146, 147, 166, 159, up to the last Brera, Spider and 8C Competizione. The book is approved and re-launched by Alfa Romeo and its “Automobilismo Storico” sector through the authors, who are authoritative members of the Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo (R.I.A.R.).

Price: € 180,00 + SHIPMENT
Size: cm. 24.3x27 - Pages: 1152 - Photos: over 2000 in b/w and colour - 2 hardbound volumes with slipcase - Text: Italian/English
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ALFA VELATE it's abook about unknown Alfa Romeo prototipes not exposed in Arese Alfa Romeo Mueseum.
Now you can see and discover about cars never showed before.

Author: Gippo Salvetti
pages: 160, 186,
ISBN 978-88-88269-31-3

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A book of movies immagies where Alfa Romeo and its cars were actors and made cinema history!
Authors:Lorenzo Ardizio-Ivan Sclesa
144 pages
Italian text
Price:23,00 euro
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The Autodelta History, thousands of pictures, 177 black and white and 265 colour , tell us the story of racing from 1963 to 1983, the born of the TZ , Carlo Chiti and the official racing team for GTA; the 33; the Rally versions, and the Turbodelta era and finally the FORMULA 1!
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Limited edition of 999 copies

A century of history constitutes an important goal and is even more significant if a prestigious marque like Alfa Romeo is celebrating it. To pay due tribute to such a significant event – and not only in automobile history – is a unique and exclusive book of which only 999 copies have been printed, all numbered and enclosed in an elegant slipcase that carries the famous metal emblem of the centenarian on its front. Apart from its format (the volume measures ….), the refined binding and the paper on which it is printed, this official book prepared in collaboration with Alfa Romeo and destined to celebrate this historic event, is an ambitious project especially due to its contents and illustrations, all unpublished and which come from the priceless Arese archives. To retell this long and distinguished history, which has certainly written a chapter of extraordinary importance in the technical and sporting annals of the Italian car but, more in general, has left its indelible mark on the culture and in the evolution of Italian trends, some of the most important names in motoring and motor sport journalism have contributed, as have men who lived the Alfa Romeo experience in person. People who have been entrusted with the task of recounting a century of history, both through technical evolution of the principal road cars, the many significant concept cars of no less importance built over the years by the major body stylists, but also through the long and glorious sporting era that has seen the unforgettable cars of Alfa Romeo win in all four corners of the world and in the most diverse championships. This official Alfa Romeo centenary book is a work of indisputable prestige, a ‘must have’ for all enthusiasts and students of the Alfa Romeo marque

Price: € 500,00 + SHIPMENT
Size: 35.5x43.3 - Pages: 200 - Photos: in b/w and colour - Hardbound in a slipcase - Text: English
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Author:Stefano Salvetti

Curious and special limited edition or unique Alfa Romeo cars and buses hsitrories.Many unedited pictures from Alfisti friends and Alfa Romeo Archive from 1950 to 1980.
Price: 60,00 euro+shipment
Pages 304-708
ISBN 978-88-88269-29-0
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An event as significant for Alfa Romeo enthusiasts as the reopening of the marque’s historic museum at Arese - held on 24 June 2015, the day on which Alfa celebrates its 105th anniversary -could hardly not be celebrated with a book.
The official catalogue of the new museum represents an opportunity to review the history of the marque and above all to accompany the reader/visitor around the new exhibition layout in which the cars have been thematically grouped and subdivided.
While the glorious racing cars (from the P2 to the 33 in all their variants, through to the less successful cars that competed in F1) are brought together under the sign of Speed, cars such as the 1759, 8C 2900, 6C 2500, 1900, Giulietta and Alfetta, along with the most recent production models, illustrate the most important episodes in the Biscione’s industrial history.
Another section focuses on Design, with the undisputed protagonists being cars such as the 33 Stradale, the Carabo and the Nuvola, milestones in the evolution of automotive styling.
A specific section also features all those models that do not appear in the exhibition.
The catalogue is therefore an indispensable instrument for all those visiting this authentic temple of history, technology and culture.

Author:Lorenzo Ardizio

Size: 26.5x28.5 cms - Pages: 224 - Photos: hundreds in b/w and colour - Hardbound with jacket - Text: English

ISBN: 978-88-7911-635-0
Price: € 60,00
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History of motorcycles clubs , garage, racer, and racings truck on Biella a small city near Torino.
Written by Mr Vittorio Serventi , the book is 130 picture black and white original and colours, original vintage documents
Price ;40,00 euro + shipment
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Two worlds seen from an Alfa Romeo – A Giulietta at the Peking-Paris
Authors: Rita e Roberto Chiodi

Italian Text
Pages: 144

Rita and Roberto Chiodi were among the 130 dare-devils aboard a car that was at least 50 years old and competed in the historic Peking-Paris Rally, which commemorated the centenary of the famous race. It was the first time an international competition had ventured along the harsh original 1907 route of the winning Itala and its driver Prince Scipione Borghese. Stage after stage, the Alfa’s had to take on stone covered surfaces, river crossings, the sands of the Gobi Desert and the Steppes of Siberia before reaching the motorways of the West and their triumph in Paris. The story of the couple’s participation is told with irony and love as far as the true protagonist is concerned: the 1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta TI, their companion in life and adventure. This is a book as devoted to the enthusiasts of the marque, as it is to lovers of journeys in lands far away.

Price €: 35.00

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